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Dr. George King has often spoken of the great help and power given by prominent personalities on the Higher Realms to our work. Staff and Members have commented on the experience of feeling a helpful presence during the activities and indeed in general work connected with our Society. Many examples could undoubtedly be given of these but the following are just a few which may be considered of interest and encouragement. They certainly indicate that the influence of Dr.  George King and The Aetherius Society has a great impact on Realms above ours...

In April 1979, a few days after being appointed Secretary of the European Headquarters of The Aetherius Society, I was apprehensive about the many responsibilities of this position and my many failings. I was thinking about these things one evening at Aetherius House, London, where I lived at the time. It was then that I heard crystal clear the words ring out:

"Turn back to Buddhist detachment."

I looked up and saw in my "mind's eye," a black-and-white picture of a powerful, middle-aged lady. I was not quite sure who it was.

The following day, quite out of the blue, an envelope arrived addressed to me personally. It was from The Theosophical Society, though I was not on any mailing list of this Society at the time. Enclosed was a lecture programme and on the front, a black-and-white photograph - exactly the one I had "seen" the night before! It was Madame Blavatsky.

Years later I discovered that Madame Blavatsky had been involved in discussions regarding the appointment of previous Secretaries of the European Headquarters, together with Sir James Young Simpson and other prominent personalities on the Higher Realms, through the grace of Dr.  George King's brilliant mediumship...

Madame Blavatsky

Two years later, I went to visit a very good Member of The Aetherius Society in Switzerland. One night in the hotel room, I was practising clairaudience, in which I was deeply involved during that period with the help of expert advice and considerable encouragement from our Master. A distinctive Churchillian voice proceeded to tell me many details, unknown to me, regarding Sir Winston Churchill's life. He also spoke highly of our Master, whom he referred to as "My Lord Bishop." The following day I purchased two English newspapers, both of which carried articles about a new film about Sir Winston. All the information given to me the previous evening was contained in these articles.

The following year I was scheduled to appear on a particularly tricky television interview, together with a sarcastic and antagonistic astronomer. The night before, the same Churchillian voice spoke the following words to me in my room at Aetherius House: "I will be in the wings."

Richard Lawrence on BBC TV with the late astronomer Sir Patrick Moore in 1982.

I took this statement metaphorically as an encouraging and supportive statement. You can imagine my amazement, then, when in the physical wings of the television studio was a physical, life-size colour picture of Sir Winston Churchill! Furthermore, the item before mine on the programme was an audience vote for their favourite personality in history. The winner was Sir Winston. The audience was asked to shout out the name of the winner unanimously, and I entered the stage with the name "Sir Winston Churchill" ringing in my physical ears! According to members of the audience, I had a good gift of repartee during the interview which followed...

Petition being delivered to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s official residence, 10 Downing Street, during the Natural Healing campaign in England.

A few months prior to the launch of our historic 1983 Natural Healing Campaign in England, I was contacted, again clairaudiently, by a French monk while I was in the office alone at Aetherius House. He said his name was Roch or Roche - I was not quite sure which. He recounted to me the outstanding story of what he claimed was his life, connected with healing plague victims in 14th Century Europe. He also lent his full support to our Master, our Society and, particularly, "The Mystical Order of Saint Peter."

Sure enough, records of such a life, spent mainly in Italy, were found by my wife, who translates Italian fluently, in Italian documents in a European library in London. These describe a great French monk called Saint Roche, known in England and the U.S.A. as Saint Rock, who is now regarded by the Vatican as the Patron Saint of healing the plague...

These are just a few of many incidents which could be cited suggesting considerable and influential support from the Higher Realms for His Eminence and The Aetherius Society. Undoubtedly, such cases as these are only the tip of a giant iceberg - a great and Holy Spiritual Group Soul spearheaded by The Aetherius Society on the physical plane: a Being which spreads beyond this plane, through the Higher Planes and even upwards to The Cosmic Masters Themselves. It is, however, very encouraging and inspiring to know of the deep interest shown and the help given to us by those from the Higher Realms.

Richard Lawrence

© The Aetherius Society 1987

(Please note that the above photographs were not published with the original article.)

In 1986 Dr. George King was awarded the Freedom of the City of London and never has there been a more worthy Freeman. Shortly after he received this honour, Richard received a message of congratulations for him from a former recipient, Sir Winston Churchill. Of course Dr. King’s mediumistic faculties were used by far more significant and elevated sources than Churchill. But among the many plaudits he received that day, Dr. King was certainly interested to get this one!

Dr. George King and Richard Lawrence with Dr. King’s Association of Freemen plaque.

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