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Exopolitics Expo, Leeds 2011

UFOs and the extraterrestrial message


International UFO Conference, Stiklestad, Norway, 2015

The Cosmic Avatar Dr George King –


Contacts with the Gods from Space

From inner peace to world peace: The Twelve Blessings

The Twelve Blessings - from Inner Peace to World Peace

The Twelve Blessings is a beautiful set of teachings - delivered by The Master Jesus in 1958 through the brilliant mediumship of Dr George King - which gives a cosmic concept. Through the practice of this we can experience inner peace and help to bring about world peace.


The Nine Freedoms - the meaning of life revealed


The Great Change - revelations by the Gods from space


"UFOs and the Extraterrestrial Message" - extract from Richard Lawrence's lecture:

Contactee Dr George King


Richard Lawrence discusses Prayer Energy – interview by Karen Frandsen of Eerie Investigations, March 2010


Little Book of Karma - extracts from Richard Lawrence's book



Unfinished Business - written by rock legend Dave Davies of The Kinks and Richard Lawrence under the "influence" of John Lennon



















Interview with James Whale 9pm on Wednesday February 15, 2017 - Talk Radio

Guardian Angels – interview with Rony Robinson - 10.00am on Monday August 22, 2016 - BBC Radio Sheffield

Truth Frequency Radio 1-hour interview by Chris & Sheree Geo Saturday May 7, 2016 at 7.00pm PDT / Sunday May 8, 2016 at 3.00am BST

Avatars and Gods who came to Earth – interview by John Darvall - BBC Radio Bristol - April 15, 2015

Avatars and Gods who came to Earth – interview by John Gillmore - BBC Radio Lancashire - March 26, 2015

Aetherius Radio Live interviews – Discover the wisdom from outer space – realise the potential of inner space – make Aetherius Radio Live your cosmic connection! Co-hosted by international broadcasters and authors, Richard Lawrence and Chrissie Blaze. 5pm UK Time / 1pm Eastern Time / 10am Pacific Time.

James Whale: Something for the Weekend - interview by James Whale on BBC Radio Kent - February 21, 2015

Do you believe in Karma? - interview by Mollie Green on BBC WM, Birmingham - February 20, 2015 at 12.10pm

The Connection Between Spirituality and UFOs - Messages from Outer Space - webtalkradio.net interview by Philip Comella - February 9, 2015

Will Prayer Power rid the World of ISIS and Ebola? – interview by Jake Warren, Huffington Post – January 29, 2015

Interview with Richard Lawrence – re-launch of Contacts with the Gods from Space – Metro Radio FM with Alan Robson – July 27, 2014

UFOs and their spiritual message – James Whale BBC Radio Kent – June 28, 2014

Interview with Richard Lawrence – re-launch of Contacts with the Gods from Space in 2014 – James Whale’s internet radio – Episode 32

Interview with Richard Lawrence – The Aetherius Society and re-launch of Contacts with the Gods from Space – High Peak radio with Rebecca Cassidy



Dr George King - Master of Yoga - More to Life, Issue 37, pages 24-25, January 2017

Yoga Updated: the world peace version - Kindred Spirit, January-February issue 2017

Karma Yoga, the Path to Spiritual Freedom through Selfless Service - New Vision, Volume 94, No 2, Summer 2015

The Path of the Karmic Athlete - Kindred Spirit, Issue 137, July/August 2015, pages 56-57

Jesus came to Earth in a UFO says writer of Contacts With The Gods From Space - Western Daily Press - April 7, 2015

Avatars and Gods who came to Earth - Part 1 - Body Mind Spirit Guide, 3 April 2015 - article reprinted with permission from Kindred Spirit

The Yoga of Dr George King - More to Life, Issue 31 Spring 2015, pages 38-39

Writings from the next world - Psychic News, Issue 4126, April 2015, pages 24-25

My Contact with a God from SpaceUFO Today, Issue IV, 2015, pages 33-38

Dr George King: Cosmic AvatarParadigm Shift, Issue 70, March 2015, pages 26-28

The Age of Aetherius - Phenomena Magazine, Issue 69, January 2015, pages 13-15

Avatars and Gods who came to Earth - Kindred Spirit, Issue 134, January/February 2015, pages 54-55

Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi and Sophocles were all aliensVice.com – July 23, 2014

Dr George King: Contactee with the Gods from Space – Exopolitics Magazine, Issue 1, Summer 2014, page 25

Pilgrimage to Welsh mountain that’s rammed with ‘alien power’Wales Online, May 25, 2014