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Nirvana in the world






Channelling is not for everyone. Healing, prayer, mantra and pranayama can be far more beneficial spiritual practices to pursue and focus upon, and also much safer.

Having said that, it is for me. For over 30 years, as well as my other practices, I have channelled guides from higher realms, using clairaudience and telepathy. I used the practices taught by my spiritual master, Dr. George King, to develop those abilities and discussed my experiences with him on several occasions.

It is vital to be able to discriminate between your imagination and a genuine communication from an external source, and you would probably need a very experienced teacher to enable you to do this reliably. Concentration is the key to all forms of spiritual development, channelling included.

Even the deepest states of meditation are a result of intense, unwavering concentration with complete mental and emotional control. I am not at this level, so I have to work very hard indeed to remain focused and to avoid alteration, by my conscious mind, of the messages I receive. It is not easy, and I would question either the accuracy or the quality of anyone who says it is.

Every now and then I put different examples of messages I have channelled in this section. This is one I received on January 22nd, 2017 from an Indian sage-poet. I call it Nirvana in the world.

With blessings.




Gods, Guides And Guardian Angels (Cico Books)

by Richard Lawrence with Mark Bennett.