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A warm welcome to all regular visitors and to those of you who are new. If you are interested in spirituality, UFOs, healing, prayer, psychic powers, the New Age, or anything to do with personal development, I hope you will find something of interest on this site, which was superbly put together by The Aetherius Society's design team at the European Headquarters.

I discovered The Aetherius Society in 1971, while I was a student at Hull University, answering many of my searching questions. I later met the Society's Founder/President, Dr George King, who was an outstanding teacher, Master of Yoga and channel for advanced Beings from this world and beyond.

In 1996 I was invited by Dr King to co-author the last book he published in his lifetime, Contacts with the Gods from Space. Of all the books I have written, this one will always be special to me, because I wrote it with him while he was still among us. Years later I realised that it could have been called Contacts with a God from Space, because that’s what he is.

Last year we launched a new edition of this book with very successful events in Sheffield and London.

More and more people are looking within for answers. They are also finding that there are many like-minded people all over the world searching for Truth.

I thoroughly recommend you to investigate the Society by visiting its international website www.aetherius.org.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website, which I hope you find informative and enjoyable.


If you have any questions or would like further information, you can contact us at info@richardlawrence.co.uk.

Into this maelstrom of philosophical change stepped Dr George King. Born on January 23rd, 1919, he was to combine a mastery of the mystical and yogic sciences, which he had attained by a highly disciplined regime of intense practice in the ten years after the Second World War, with a unique series of close encounters with extraterrestrial sources spanning over 40 years. In his person, this movement of ancient knowledge from east to west and from secret ashrams to modern bookshops, was to take on a new, cosmic dimension.

Contacts with the Gods from Space


Preparing for Aetherius Radio Live broadcast on Solar Existence (aired on 18 November 2014), Richard was inspired to write the following poem:

When you breathe it is the air,
When you walk it is the ground,
When you eat it is the food,
When you hear it is the sound.

When you speak it is the thought,
When you love it is the power,
When you dream it is the light,
When you change it is the hour.

When you move it moves through you,
All you are and all you feel.
When you live it lives in you -
It is the Sun and it is real.

























16 June 2015

Cosmic Master Class No. 5 - The Divine perfection of Saturn

with Richard Lawrence
and Chrissie Blaze

3rd Tuesday of every month at 6pm UK Time, 1pm Eastern Time and 10am Pacific Time.

Listen to the live show...

Discover the wisdom from outer space - realise the potential of inner space - make Aetherius Radio Live your cosmic connection!

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Contacts with the Gods from Space
Dr George King with Richard Lawrence Contacts

#1 Best Seller on Amazon (in its category)

"Exceptionally well written, organized and presented...should be considered a "must read" for all UFO enthusiasts and students of Metaphysical Studies."

Midwest Book Review

"Fascinating... This informative and well written book... is a must buy for all enthusiasts.” 

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Writings from the next world - Richard Lawrence shares some of his inspiring channelled poems from Dante, Tolstoy and Sir Francis Bacon published in Psychic News, Issue 4126, April 2015, pages 24-25. This is a well-respected journal founded over 80 years ago in 1932 as the global mouthpiece for Spiritualism. Copies of the April Issue are available through this website on request.


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Distributed around the world, Vice is known for its modern and interesting journalistic approach. Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi and Sophocles were all aliens – article based on an interview with Richard Lawrence that has appeared on their website on 23 July 2014. Please note that the reference to Sophocles should be to Hercules.